Managing Local Administrator Passwords with LAPS

Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) is Microsoft’s answer to a common management problem inside Windows Server domains, the never-expiring (and often forgotten) local administrator password.

There are innumerable methods out there for handling this problem, from third-party solutions that may come at a cost, to recording them in databases or worse, spreadsheets. Of course, there is also the set and forget option.

LAPS comes free from Microsoft. You can download it here. It utilises a Group Policy CSE and Active Directory and when implemented it can automatically detect and update an expired local administrators password. If you’re concerned about not knowing what the password is, have no fear. LAPS stores the password inside of Active Directory under the computer it belongs to. Continue reading “Managing Local Administrator Passwords with LAPS”

Using PowerShell To Get Physical Disk Info On A Dell Server

This post is a bit lengthy. To skip past the preamble click here, and to go straight to the full script, click here.

A couple of months ago, I was skimming through the WMI/CIM classes that are installed on Dell servers if you use their OMSA (Open Managed Server Administrator) software. If you’re not familiar, CIM stands for Common Information Model and is a standardised way of representing information about a system, used on most platforms.

OMSA adds a lot of useful information to the CIM data Continue reading “Using PowerShell To Get Physical Disk Info On A Dell Server”