Querying the Kaseya REST API With PowerShell

Like many MSP’s, my work uses a Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tool to monitor, catalogue and access client systems. The one we use is Kaseya.

I found out recently that Kaseya has a REST API that allows you to get information
and run certain tasks against one or more computers. The last time I needed to pull
some data from Kaseya I decided to skip the built-in reporting UI and learn how to use PowerShell to work with the API instead.  Continue reading “Querying the Kaseya REST API With PowerShell”

Using PowerShell To Get Physical Disk Info On A Dell Server

This post is a bit lengthy. To skip past the preamble click here, and to go straight to the full script, click here.

A couple of months ago, I was skimming through the WMI/CIM classes that are installed on Dell servers if you use their OMSA (Open Managed Server Administrator) software. If you’re not familiar, CIM stands for Common Information Model and is a standardised way of representing information about a system, used on most platforms.

OMSA adds a lot of useful information to the CIM data Continue reading “Using PowerShell To Get Physical Disk Info On A Dell Server”

Get Printer Details From Multiple Servers

Recently it was necessary for me to catalogue some printer details accross a number of servers. The requested information was the printer’s name, driver, port IP address and the server name. I was able to write a PowerShell script fairly quickly for this and then run it against multiple computers with the help of Invoke-Command. I’ll break it down here. Continue reading “Get Printer Details From Multiple Servers”