Enabling Guest Access in Microsoft Teams

With the availability of guest access in Microsoft Teams, I have created a short How-To for enabling the feature in your organisation.

Guest Access allows you to invite external users to your teams, as long as they have an email address with a corresponding Azure AD or Office 365 Work or School account. Microsoft Account support will be coming in the future

  1. Log in to the Admin Center
  2. Under the Settings menu, choose Services & add-ins
  3. Open Microsoft Teams
  4. Under **Settings by user/license type, change the drop-down to Guest and toggle the switch to On and click SaveEnable Guest Access
  5. Back under Services & add-ins, choose Office 365 Groups and make sure both switches are set to On

Now if you add an external address to one of your teams, it will appear like this.

Add Guest 1

You can use the pencil next to the name to change how they appear in the team i.e. John Smith (Guest) instead of jsmith (Guest). If you don’t change it here, only and Office 365/Azure AD admin can change it later on.

Once added, they will receive an email to accept the invitation and join the team.

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