Office 365 – Resolving Identity Sync Problems

If you are are synchronising Active Directory identies with Office 365, there are occasions where an AD account will not match the 365 account. If this occurs, the sync will create a  new unlicenced user in Office 365. This short article details the process that can help to resolve these issues in some instances. Continue reading “Office 365 – Resolving Identity Sync Problems”

Office 365 – Adding Users and Assigning Licences With PowerShell

Creating an Office 365 Tennant is a bit pointless if no one can use the services. In this post, I will detail the process for adding users and licencing users with PowerShell. The best part about this process is that it can be used for a single user, or a list of users. Continue reading “Office 365 – Adding Users and Assigning Licences With PowerShell”

Office 365 – Creating a Tenant

There isn’t a lot to this one really. If you are looking for a free trial of Office 365, head over to Microsoft’s IT Pro Cloud Essentials site and set up a 60 day trial of the E3 package – They don’t even ask for a credit card. Otherwise you can go to and select a business package there based on your needs.

Continue reading “Office 365 – Creating a Tenant”